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This publication has been prepared and issued by WELL BE GENERAL PARTNER S.à r.l. (WB), acting in its capacity as the managing general partner (associé gérant commandité) of the WELL BE FUND SCS SICAV-SIF (the Fund). All clauses referred to herein also apply to affiliates, executives, managers, shareholders, or other employees of WB. This publication is intended solely for informational purposes for professional and business customers and shall at no time constitute an offer of the Fund's (partnership) interests or serve as basis for an investment in the Fund. Any information in this publication is prepared on behalf of WB and the Fund and is based on information and sources considered to be reliable; however, no representations or guarantees are made by WB with regard to the accuracy or completeness of the data or information contained in this publication. The opinions and estimates contained herein constitute the best judgement of WB at this time and are subject to change without notice. Prior to this publication, the analyses of WB have not been communicated to companies or investors and are subject to occasional change. This publication is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as a recommendation, offer or solicitation to acquire or dispose of any of the interests mentioned in this publication. In compliance with statutory and regulatory provisions, WB has set up effective organisational and administrative arrangements to prevent and avoid possible conflicts of interest in preparing and transmitting analyses. These specifically include in-house information barriers. These information barriers apply to any information which is not publicly available and to which WB may have access in the context of a business relationship with WB as issuer. For statutory or contractual reasons, this information shall not be used in an analysis of interests and is therefore not included in this publication. WB and/or clients of WB may conduct or may have conducted transactions on their own account or on account of other parties with respect to the interests mentioned in this publication or with respect to related investments before the recipient has received this publication. WB may hold shares or positions, possibly even short sale positions, in the interests mentioned in this publication or in related investments. WB accepts no liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this publication or its contents. Copyright and database rights protection exists for this publication, and it shall not be reproduced, distributed or published by any person for any purpose without the prior express consent of WB. Any investments contemplated in the Fund may involve significant risk, are not necessarily available in all jurisdictions, may be illiquid and may not be suitable for all investors. The value of, or income from, any investments contemplated in the Fund may fluctuate and/or be affected by changes in exchange rates. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Potential investors in the Fund should make their own investment decisions without relying on this publication. Only investors with sufficient knowledge and experience in financial matters to evaluate the merits and risks should consider an investment in any issuer or market discussed herein and other individuals should not take any action based on this publication. If statements are made about returns, price gains or other capital gains, these are only forecasts for which WB will assume no liability. Empirical values are no guarantee of future developments. Assets can both rise and fall in value. Insofar as tax or legal issues are concerned, addressees of this publication should discuss these with their tax advisor/s or lawyer/s. All rights reserved.



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